Without the birds, without the seeds, we won’t have growth to help our



Without the water, without the trees, everyone in the world will drop to their knees.


Environmental Responsibility

Shanghai Koyo-Anp implements strict environmental management upon business 

by making a serious of comprehensive measures which cover environment, health,safety and etc.


Before the year of 2015, Shanghai Koyo-Anp aims at;

--- Reducing the power consumption of most of desktop and notebook computers at the rate of 25%

--- Lowing down the power consumption in our products at the rate of 20% based on 2012’s figures.

--- Decreasing all of our green gas emissions by 15% at the base of 2012’s.


Environment, health and safety

Shanghai Koyo-Anp Company carries out business by devoting itself to protect environment, to keep health and safety. All the

commitments adhere to our promises of shouldering responsibilities towards our staff, our society and sustainable development



To make the above achievements, we need to do as below:

--- Stick to all the current legal requirements;

--- To reduce the risk of occupational injuries and diseases, improve the health and welfare of employees

--- To prevent environmental pollution, saving energy and reducing consumption in   the process of production.

--- To minimize the negative effect on the environment ensuring the safety production and purchasing products.

--- To require all staff to shoulder the responsibilities towards society and environment in business. 



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